Thursday, November 24, 2011

Perceptions on current events.

The 2012 election cycle is in full swing there is just one problem. I see a whole lot of republicans and so far, nobody else. There are protesters in the streets, but they're leftists. The occupation, is waning.

We have not, in modern times, truly had a sustainable continuous opposition to the mainstream 2 party system, other than the ron paul revolution, and even they are divided between anarchists, constitutionalists, foreign policy leftist, and the few actual conservatives who got on board with conservatism instead of neoconservatism.

It seems, that the third parties are waiting to see what Republicans do, It seems that no Democrat will shake the party line and force Obama to actually run to keep the Democratic nomination.

Not that I expected any of that to happen, but it's almost 2012, I believe that it's time to think outside the box, and not necessarilly do anything radical, but do the unexpected.

Organic movements grow out of organic ideas, and just as the ron paul movement sprouted in 2007, I believe politics needs a refreshining. Over the past decade, activists, independent journalism, and the few statesmen we have left in government, have fought with every strategy imaginable against the corruption and tyranny.

I don't mean to be an armchair quarterback, but merely a compass hoping to point some more powerful people in the right direction. For more innovative ideas, Check out some of the things that Michael Badnarik is involved in recently. to bring together freedom minded people, does not take a genius, to try strategies that failed before in a better more thoughtful and planned way, does not take a rocket surgeon, just someone with guts.