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Army Reserves watching "End The Fed" rallies

Army Reserves Watch End The Fed Rallies

Please Change Your Profile Photos

For those who have not heard, there is a recent report out of the State of Missouri associating constitutional political speech and activism with paramilitary terrorism.
You can read this document for yourself

Many constitutionalists here in Missouri are asking supporters of free speech to reject this oppression by finding an image of a Gadsden Flag, Upside Down Distressed US Flag or any of the other flags profiled in the MIAC Document, and displaying it in solidarity as your profile photo on your Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Some are even using the upside down Missouri Flag as a sign of state distress.

Free Speech is nothing to fear.



Public outrage of the MIAC report seems to be growing. And while many, including myself, have offered their interpretations of problems with the document, I feel that there seems to be a lack of communication on how to improve relations between the Missouri Government and the Public.

The recent problems with public perception of the MIAC report on the Modern Militia Movement do not end at simple misinterpretation. It is the beliefs of many that misinterpretations can be avoided by the inclusion of carefully structured language or the lack of inclusion of information and language that could obviously be misinterpreted.

It is also believed that the intent of the MIAC report is to target skeptics or small government activism. By nature, those who hold these beliefs will continue to view this incident in a negative light. The State of Missouri could utilize this incident to re-affirm its commitment to Constitutionally Lawful Activity within the state which could de-escalate skepticism and prevent further radicalization of individuals with Constitutional Concerns about Missouri Law Enforcement. The following are recommended actions for the State.

*The State of Missouri should issue a public apology, affirming that it is aware of differences between Individual Free Speech, Political Action Groups or Political Parties, and the activities of Political Paramilitary Radicals.

*The State of Missouri should firmly define “Militia” in compliance with the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and affirms that the term “Militia” does NOT refer to Political Paramilitary Radicals or Political Activism.

*The term “Militia” should refer to the freedom of individual residents of the state to willingly organize, prepare, and be able to aid in times of emergency or war.

*Future informative reports for State Law Enforcement should refrain from over-generalized use of proper names of individuals, organizations, media, and affiliations. When absolutely necessary this type of profiling should ONLY be used to identify sources, targets, or primary first person connections to those entities.

*State of Missouri officials publicly acknowledge the First and Second Amendment rights to Free Speech, Assembly, and Militia, and that these rights as documented in the Constitution are given by an individual's Creator and shall not be infringed by institutions.

*Require every individual employed or contracted by a State Law Enforcement Agency to swear and adhere to the same Oath to the Constitution of the United States that current Missouri Highway Patrol swear to.

*A document be issued to every law enforcement agency that received the 02/20/2009 “The Modern Militia Movement” from the Missouri Highway Patrol or the Missouri Information Analysis Center, clarifying that personal political opinion is NOT sufficient reason to suspect radicalism or violence.

*Future “profile” reports provide the following : sources of documentation, sources of images, encouragement for the reader to research the documented descriptions independently, and a disclaimer that the information is not to be used in violation of the law. (similar disclaimers to those on offender databases)

*Examples provided in reports clarify beyond the term “Arrested” when individuals have been convicted of a crime and when they have not.

Recommended Alteration of language:
1.Anti-Government -> Against Perceived Tyranny
2.You Are The Enemy -> You May Be Falsely Perceived As An Agent of Tyranny
3.Conspiracy Theory -> Alternative Political View
4.Militia -> Paramilitary Radicalism
5.Right-Wing -> (no recommended adjective should replace the use of this phrase, as it is used to imply political affiliation)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To those guarding political posture instead of acting against tyranny

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot."

-Mark Twain

Reposted Aaron Lewis of Staind: just take a minute


im really kinda nervous about writing a blog because i dont feel like my opinion should mean any more than someone elses. with that being said i would like to share a website with you that is startling to say the least. its i think as the people whose country this is we have a right to know the truth. whether you are a liberal(uggh) a liberatarian, or conservative there is no argueing that we are lucky and blessed to have this place to call our home. it truely saddens me to hear the way people talk about this country. it infuriates me to watch us time after time year after year put these corrupt,power hungry,bought and paid for puppets in charge of that which we take for granted every single day and then we complain about it while they suck us dry with overtaxation and over-regulation of our small businesses and our corporations in order to fund their own agendas wether they are in americas best interests or not. we have allowed our public servants to become elitists. we complain about the best healthcare in the world. people from everywhere travel here daily for our doctors and hospitals. we complain about taxes when we allow welfare to be abused to the extent it is,when we allow the government to keep growing and spending more of our money. we allow people to come here without going through the same process our families had to go through in order to be a citizen of this country. they take from the system and reap the benefits of the system without being a part of it. ALL OF THIS WE ALLOW. maybe if american history was still required in this completely fucked, government controlled education system we have, we would be a little more aware of what took place over the last 300 and some odd years for this to be our home. the "change" we all seek is not barrack we're fucked obama, its been right under our noses the entire time.......its called THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ...hundreds of thousands of good selfless men and women have died protecting that document in the name of country and honor. what has happened to us........ we are afraid of work, afraid to fight, afraid to stand up and be proud of a country that our american ancestors, our blood, died to preserve. i have traveled all over the world and seen many cultures and many different systems of government and there is no place on this earth that i would rather call home than this golden land of opportunity that is the USA......i think dorothy said it best "there's no place like home" and i couldnt agree more. i am the american dream. i grew up in a trailer park just outside castleton VT. i came from( just getting by) lower middle class america and was given an opportunity that has snowballed into this. im no different than any one of you and could have been any one of you. i am america italian welsh english german russian and polish......can you say melting pot. throw irish and french in there for my daughters and thats about as "american" as you can get. i love this country and long to see us all pull together as one white yellow orange green red purple aquamarine magenta.........americans. im proud to an american......are you?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

MIAC Report Commentary: Terrorists Practice Fear, Revolutionaries Practice Love

Terrorists Practice Fear, Revolutionaries Practice Love

By Kevin L. Kobe

DISCLAIMER: The following is My individual interpretation of the controversy surrounding the recent MIAC Report. It in no way is meant to speak for others within the movement or Liberty Restoration Project. In recent days, Officer Holz has repeatedly said that people are overreacting. I would like to offer the following critiques as my testimonial to the danger of propaganda disguised as police informational reports.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center's February 20, 2009 strategic report titled “The Modern Militia Movement” is a blatantly poor attempt to divide the loving people of Missouri against each other. My response is that a true criminal cares not about constitutional law. A true Terrorist cares nothing of peace. All across America people ask for equal rights and protections under the law, and one by one various groups of persons have been singled out for their differences. The true Constitutional liberty movement sees no race, gender, or political affiliation. Yet, according to the MIAC/MHP those who speak freedom the loudest are the ones who need their freedoms taken.

This report is nothing more than a propaganda tool meant to drive police to view the Militia and Constitutional Government Advocates as enemies of the state. While I am not speaking for others who would call their selves Patriots, I do have a straight forward view on the opinions expressed by members of the movement. I felt the need to take a common sense examination of this document from a Patriotic perspective.

The first myth I would like to address is that this movement is Anti-Government or Anti-Police. And specifically the portion under the heading - Implications for Law Enforcement: “You are the Enemy.” While there is a minority of persons who do walk a fine line in their rhetoric and actions, and there are cases where people take things too far, I would argue that there is almost no demographic within society where extremists, criminals, thieves, and killers do not exist. On the contrary, I argue that many within our movement are not Anti-Government or Anti-Police, but instead are Anti-Tyranny, and even those with the most extreme perspectives on these issues do not act out of blind hatred for government, but out of shock at the actions of those in power. Instead, most Patriots would love to network with Police Officers, National Guard, and members of the Armed Forces. We would like to educate you on the constitutional fundamentals of the country and aid you in your duties while educating you on how to perform your functions in a manor that adheres to your constitutional oaths and does not infringe on the unalienable rights of the people in the communities in which you serve. A Police Officer, Government Official, or Military Person who acts out of love and protection for the things that they love is a patriot's best friend.

Even in most cases where violence is discussed, the point of view is usually one of mutually assured destruction. Never fire unless fired upon and only in self defense do you aim a weapon at a person. It was John F. Kennedy who said “When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” If someone is afraid of the possibility of Patriots acting out of fear, the best approach would be to not incite fear and always attempt a peaceful resolution first. Essentially, I view this document as a memo saying “Look these people are afraid of government! Be afraid of them!”

Where does the fear end and the cooperation and love begin? I would certainly hope that the first step is education. One problem I see with this document is that it makes claims that are spun to incite a certain type of response.

For example, the examples given of terror-type activity by the militia movement is laden with “were plotting” and “were planning.” I'm not attempting to trivialize possible threats to the safety of human lives here, but unless the planning phase begins being put into action, such as the other examples given of actual explosives, then the threat is not realized, and therefore no violent action is truly being put into production.

Other examples given describe the persons as being “arrested” or “charged” for weapons or violence. Not once is the word “Convicted” used. I have not researched all of the cases given, and I'm sure most have been convicted of some crime, however, recent use of the words “Arrested” and “Charged” have been propagandized to assume guilt. We live in a nation where anyone who has seen the TV show “Cops” knows, people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The next thing I'd like to address is not what this document says, but what it does not say. It lists several “motivators,” with very little connection to why a Patriot would fear such things, often using the term “Conspiracy theory” with little background on these issues to determine if any information is relevant enough to warrant legitimate fear of these issues.

Two of these are the Ammunition Accountability Act and the implantable microchip. Both are identification tracking devices used to assign an object and number to a person. The implantable microchip exists, you can find this information easily on the Internet by searching for “Verichip.” After the Real ID act passed into law, we see a government that seems to be striving for digital and bio-metric identification and the databases in which to store this information. When these databases are used for every-day activity, one can see a scenario where that type of information becomes increasingly valuable, which means both a more appealing prize for criminals to attempt to obtain, and a possibility to simply “turn off” someone's ability to function in a society controlled by account numbers and databases.

The other instances where concerns are blamed on “Theories” The New World Order, The North American Union, and Universal Service are incorrectly attributed to this movement in this document. Again, a little research reveals that it is not the patriot movement coining these terms and predicting these events. A google news search for “New World Order” nets thousands of mainstream news sources. As far as a Global Conspiracy goes, one can do a google search for “David Rockafeller, Zbignew Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger” examine who they associate with, think tanks they are part of, and you decide if you believe they are advocating global decisions to supersede the US Constitutional government sovereignty.

A youtube search for “Rahm Emanuel Service” will get you the video where he describes every person's duty to serve in order to pay the country back for citizenship. A youtube search for former Mexican President “Vincente Fox Union” will display videos where he doesn't simply describe a NAU, he says it WILL happen.

When patriots discuss these things, they do not simply make them up as a boogeyman to fear. They do so because these world leaders have discussed these concerns publicly, and when pressed for more information about these subjects, government has either denied, hidden, or changed the talking points of these concerns.

When something happens, and a person has seen it, and officials deny it ever happened and call the person a crazy conspiracy theorist, how do you expect those people to act? When a person is distrustful of government, it is not always out of hate and fear. Sometimes there is legitimate concern upon realization that so much of what has made this country great and strong for over two centuries by those who we have entrusted to preserve, protect, and defend those institutions.

Finally, I would like to address this view of the Militia as militant right wing terrorists. The spirit of the militia is every able bodied person being prepared to help their community in times of war on the homeland or crisis. Every able bodied person, from your militant right winger to your local shop owner with a small pistol, to the average young lady who learns martial arts to defend herself in the parking lot at night.

True militia, true constitutionalism goes beyond group activities, goes beyond race, beyond gender, beyond sexual preference, beyond political belief or affiliation. Please see through this divisive hate speech document and understand why the Ron Paul revolution logo highlighted “L-O-V-E” in revolution, because a revolution can only be based on love. Real change can not happen from the barrel of a gun, but from education of the peaceful ways of life and guidance through the hard times. This goes for both Police and Militia. Embrace freedom and love as your guidance and you will never have to fear these “us & them” perceptions like what MIAC have tried to sell here. The only terrorists involved here are those who would tell cops to fear us and spread fear and divisiveness knowing that such public documents would also work to make patriots fear cops pitting both against each other. I beg that anyone involved would not alter their behavior based upon a document so obviously based on lies and allusions to guilt by association.

Repost: LRP Responds to Miltia Report


The Liberty Restoration Project (, a Kansas City-based political education organization has begun to implement a strategy in response to a Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Strategic Report on the modern militia movement. The report, released February 20th, suggests that bumper stickers and publications showing support for Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party, the Campaign for Liberty, and other aspects of the Freedom Movement may be “political paraphernalia” used by members of radical militia groups. The report also considers anti-abortion signage, documentaries such as Freedom to Fascism, the Gadsden Flag, and signage critical of the Federal Reserve Bank to be “propaganda” and possible indications of paramilitary extremism.
The Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) has announced a five-part strategy to face the implications of the MIAC report:
1. SUNSHINE/FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS: On Monday, March 16th, requests for documents, emails, publications and multimedia used as sources for the MIAC Report were made under the Sunshine Law in Missouri by members of LRP. These requests for developmental resources and information were hand-delivered to Governor Nixon, the State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Office of Homeland Security, and the Department of Public Safety.
2. THE MISSOURI LEGISLATURE: On Wednesday, March 18th an email blast and phone bank campaign will be launched to Missouri legislative representatives to make them aware of the Sunshine Law requests and to provide the MIAC information and to ask for an investigation. Once the Legislature is back in session (March 23rd), representatives of LRP, Campaign for Liberty, and other participants in the Freedom Movement will lobby legislators in person in Jefferson City.
3. MONEY TALKS: Working with Restore the Republic, Kansas City activists will begin strategic communication with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Tourism Council. They will be notifying them of the intent to deter tourism and travel to Missouri until a retraction is made by Governor Nixon.
4. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Members of the Liberty Restoration Project will be releasing Letters to the Editor and Opinion Articles once the Governor and other agencies have had three days to reply to the Sunshine requests. The editorials will be sent to all newsprint and news media in Missouri.
5. A CALL TO JOIN US AND CONTINUE THE WORK: We in the Freedom Movement must continue the message. We have nothing to hide and nothing to fear – it is the ones who wrote the MIAC report that fear the Freedom Message. The Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference must sell out and get media attention and the Kansas City Monopoly March (End the FED II) on April 25th could be the biggest in the nation!

While the inclusion of our political movement may be a benign mistake in the intent of the MIAC report, the suggestion that criticism of government policy, a political philosophy outside of mainstream party design, and liberal activism is akin to terrorism must be revealed and abolished in its earliest stages. LRP also wishes the Department of Homeland Security to differentiate paramilitary anti-government groups, which the report considers to be “militia”, with a Constitutional militia which exists in many states throughout the Union. The Liberty Restoration Project is demanding a retraction by the Governor as the Chief Executive in title on the report itself and an apology from the MIAC. Please show your support by volunteering to phone-bank, donating, checking with officials in your state to see if similar documents exist, or just sending along a letter of encouragement.

In Liberty,
Kent Andel, The Liberty Restoration Project

Keep updated on the developments surrounding Missouri MIAC Report linking Constitutionalists to Terrorism

Liberty Restoration Project has drafted several strategic plans to find out more information regarding the MIAC report. I have also began drafting commentary breaking down this document for inaccuracies and propaganda.

There are several posts concerning this over the past several days at in the little blog box in the center of the page.

There is all kinds of information there about things you can do to help.

Please take a moment to look over the info.