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School of Statesmen Wish List

The School of Statesmen resource library will be kicking off soon. We will be needing donations.

Please email me nerfmild@gmail.com to find out how.

You can donate cash, I would prefer, however, that you donate items to the resource library. Please contact me with what you can/wish to donate, as I do not want more than 3 copies of any one item in stock.

We will have our inventory in 2 catergories "Strict Copyright Material" and "Free to Distribute." Any Cash donated will go towards copying "Free to Distribute" material unless directed otherwise.

Please Donate Official Copies ONLY. These will be compiled in a library for public consumption.
Wish List that will be in high demand
Any Film Found here: http://nerfmild.blogspot.com/2009/12/watch-these-movies.html

Any other William Lewis film

Any other Alex Jones film

Any other Dylan Avery film

Any film that you personally think should be must-have for any Patriot Library.

Any book that you feel is a must-have.

This includes items that are extreme examples of opposing propaganda that Patriots should research (An Inconvenient Truth, Tragedy and Hope)

Even though our primary goal is to educate (documentary films), this also includes "Hollywood" films that are good for points of world view (Idiocracy, Children of Men)

Please understand what a Must-have constitutes, as I do not want your donations gathering dust because nobody wants to enjoy them.

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Watch These Movies

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Liberty Shackles: Identity, Risks, and The Slavery of "Freedom"

I don't know how many people have noticed, but I haven't been active in the Liberty movement for the last month. I did not want to draw attention to it, however I do like to wax philosophically on things on a daily basis, and I like to share my points of view with the masses after I analyze and come up with new paradigms and ideas. I hesitate to get too deep into the details, but I feet the need to toss warning to my fellow liberty lovers how easily it can be to succumb to loving “liberty” more than loving Liberty.

Sounds funny doesn't it. I probably just blew your fricken mind and you're really confused. Let me explain. This movement is so important and so righteous that it is way too easy to become a slave to aspects of it. When you begin to love the idea of Liberty to the point that you've let liberty take over everything and you've become a slave to the idea, then you no longer live liberty, you are a slave.

Probably still very confusing, but please let me elaborate. Liberty is an idea. It is ever-changing. The strategies we use are constantly in flux, as are the faces of our allies, the locations of important battles. We have to always be in a stage of growth or we run several risks. The first risk is easy to understand. Play-booking. When you repeat the same blueprints of action over and over again, you show those who want to stop you what your strategy is and you give them the opportunity to be one step ahead of you or to utilize your strategies for their gains.

The Second Risk is to become stale. You risk turning people off once they have got to the point where they've seen everything you have to offer. This encourages those who are not fully dedicated to the cause, to completely forget the cause.

The Third Risk is more of an outcome of what happens when the other risks come to consequence. Insanity. You eventually realize how much effectiveness is wasted repeating yourself, and while you are using tried and true methods, and being very strategical and intelligence, you gain no ground and often fail. This is why a lot of people in the movement use the “Definition of Insanity” argument. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is “Insanity” because it's like making a copy of a copy. It's okay when you're first being innovative, but eventually it's going to become a blur of ineffective madness.

These risks are somewhat easier to recognize, however the risk of becoming enslaved to effectiveness is one that is not often examined or spoken of.

You see, I have reached a point in my life, where I was a part of something effective and successful, to the point where I identified so much with it, that I was no longer free. I received a slap in the face recently that I was not independent of this idea, but that it had taken over my ability to make an independent decision of it. I realized the hypocrisy in loving something so much that you have to see yourself in it and see it in you. I did not exactly see this fact in myself, but I seen it in someone I much respect and it frightened me into noticing that I was dangerously on the edge of letting the idea of successful “Liberty” as an idea, take over my life to the point where I was forcing myself to lose innovation, forcing myself to give up many things that made me free, and forcing myself to identify with this idea even past the point where I felt the relationship with this aspect of Liberty was symbiotic, and had become parasitic to me, so much so that I began to resent it and turn it into my prey.

What happens when the identity of an individual merges with the identity of something intangible? Slavery. I seen it first hand and I did not recognize it, however when I seen it second-hand from someone I respect very much, it frightened me how hypocritical it became in my mind.

At first thought, I felt it was the great sacrifice...You do what you must so that we all can be free. This is what many say of the sacrifices we make in the movement. However, the motive can turn into addiction, which becomes a motive onto itself. It becomes part of our identity and that identifying trait becomes almost second nature in which we are enslaved.

Almost like any other addiction, we start doing whatever we are addicted to for one reason, and then wind up continuing an addiction because we can't imagine ourselves without our addiction.

Identity is the hardest part of this battle. We are very critical of forces we dislike trying to identify us for their own ends, yet we strive to carve out some sort of identity for ourselves. So such is the self-destructiveness of merging identity with actions, ideas, or an addiction.

I do not exactly identify myself as a Christian, however, I would hope that even the most avid Atheist can appreciate the moral lessons that can be learned from the actions of Jesus Christ. He is identified by the lack of identity, the lack of motive. And through that he is identified. Through that sprouted a secondary motive of showing other people the slavery and tyranny of their motives, allowing them to grow and become free.

I hope that the sacrifices I've made over the last year and a half and the disconnection of identity with the motives and methods of those sacrifices will be a change for the good.

However, I would never have snapped out of these chains if I hadn't noticed a good friend willingly submitting to the self-destructiveness of their identifying with the addiction of sacrifice. I would never discourage you from the battle, nor the addiction, nor the sacrifice. But the identity issue is dangerous for anyone who strives for freedom and liberty.

I'm sorry I fought with this person and insulted them about this issue, and hope they don't take these warnings as an expansion of the drama, for I truly want nothing more than to disconnect the shackles that hold me to the reasons we fought. However, I am praying during this holiday season that you find freedom from your identity that has held back your freedom as an individual and alienated friends and allies.

The true innovation and selflessness of the work we do become selfish tyranny when we force the good things we do to become our identity and while I truly hope that the awesome things you identify with continue and do not fail, I ponder how you can hit the rock bottom of this addiction for your own good and somehow come out healthy and clean on the other side

To everyone else, please understand the tyranny of identity. I hope that when the name Kevin Kobe is long gone, and my body is long decayed, and my actions are erased from all memories, that somehow I'd done something good that had created a ripple effect through time that somehow affects people in a positive way for thousands of years to come.

Details are unimportant. Be yourself, ultimately, and know what's right and you'll never lose. Keep up the fight, and I'll see you all in 2010. Till then, I'll be working on my own plans behind the scenes.

Be sure to say Hello.

Merry Christmas,
Kevin L. Kobe

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yahoo: Famous Miranda rights warning could get rewrite - Yahoo! News

Famous Miranda rights warning could get rewrite - Yahoo! News

Repost: Do you support the Liberty Restoration Project, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and / or Gadsden Tees?

Do you support the Liberty Restoration Project, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and / or Gadsden Tees?

Here is an opportunity to support all three :)

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GadsdenTees.com support grassroots organizations all over the country by providing a way for them to raise much needed dollars and by turning our supporters into walking billboards :)

Please check out our latest and greatest collaborative project with Texans for Accountable Government at www.operationdefuse.com (check back for updates, they will be coming fast in the next few days.


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"Give me [financial] Liberty" Kevin Kobe's speech from End The Debt - Audit The Fed Rally 11/22/2009

We stand here 46 years after the assassination of John Kennedy. You don't have to like the man, or the title of President. We're here to honor an action. It's an idea that no matter who you are, the pedigree you came from....the views you've had in the past, Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist or Socialist....The ability to recognize a danger to the American People and stand up as a Patriot is within all of us.

I don't expect everyone to like Kennedy's policies or his family. But His speeches struck a chord in the hearts and minds of men. and with one action, he attempted to remove some of the hidden corporate slavery of the debt machine. Executive Order 11110 was a chance to be free and with 3 shots in Dealey Plaza that chance was silenced.

JFK Once Said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

In March, Liberty Restoration Project as well as our allies across the country recognized a threat to peaceful revolution in the name of the MIAC Militia Report...and uncovered other threats in the other MIAC reports...all of them demonizing grassroots movements as violent extremism that pose a threat to government.

Missouri Law Enforcement declared activists their enemy with 4 words I quote: "You Are The Enemy" As hard as they tried to deny it, it was clear in black and white. They said violent people support Ron Paul.........Violent People Might Just Have Bumper Stickers...Violent People Attend End The Fed Rallies

I say Violent People Might Wear Underwear and Drink Pepsi too, where is that listed in the report?

The other reports demonize groups on the grassroots Left.... I don't care what you think about these movements or the actions some fringe members of these movements have taken, the point remains that the entire grassroots accountability movement from the right and left are both being laid out as too dangerous to be allowed because of a few bad apples.

Committees of Safety...The New Black Panther Party...Here's one I heard Glenn Beck demonizing...Copwatch, a non-partisan group that documents police-citizen interaction so that either party may use that documentation in a court of Law. That is potentially violent extremism?

There was another report warning that people in Prison might just join Al Qaeda....I wonder if that goes for Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay types who have used Wall Street to loot our economy of billions....our private prison system and the consistant crackdown on nonviolent self-destructive offenders is never addressed when they parade the terror boogeymen.

The First Hearing about these reports occurred the SAME DAY that an extreme abortion activist walked into a church and gunned down one of the most well known Abortion Doctors in the country.

Before I had even heard of the shooting, this one instance of an extreme act of murder was being paraded by Law Enforcement in front of this state's legislature as proof that we all need to be profiled as dangerous.

The Mainstream Media immediately jumped on board, tying extremism in with "Militias" and "Anti Government"

I Have the Government RIGHT HERE...it's called THE CONSTITUTION and if anybody is ANTI Government it's the people who would dare work against it. On the contrary, Gathered in front of me is a bunch of the most pro-constitutional government people in this region.

I have since seen several Mainstream Media reports where they do exactly what the MIAC center has done. They look to the politicized Southern Poverty Law Center for their boogeymen.

I've now seen Three CNN and MSNBC reports teaming up with the SPLC demonizing Oath Keepers, a group that is asking Police, Vets, and active duty military to read this Constitution, Reaffirm their oath, and if their commanders should ever give them an order that would turn our forces against the people, to refuse it.

This constitution scares the HELL out of these Corrupt Media, Corporation, Banking, and Political Party Power Brokers.

They say these things are threatening, and that they use the reports as valuable tools to prevent crime. Ladies and gentlemen, they use these tools because they are afraid of the peaceful revolution and they know that if they create a big enough fear climate, their system will accumulate so much power that a violent outbreak would mean pure victory for them. Violence legitimizes the fear climate and at Fed buildings all across the country today we send a message back that the First Amendment IS PEACE AND PEACE IS WINNING IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN.

Another JFK Quote: "The Word Secrecy is Repugnant in a free and open society." There has been NO AUDIT since the Fed was created in 1913. They used to offer M3 reports on Cash Flow....not an audit...it's like me giving the IRS a letter saying that my books are okay and not offering any receipts or documentation...but for years they at least gave us that...but now they've stopped and when asked why, they said that Monetary Supply has grown so large that it was not worth it to print it all on paper and give to Congress. For almost 100 years the bankers scheme has gripped American Economic and Monetary Policy. Now I know economy speak turns people off so let me repeat that in layman's terms...Bankers control the future of Jobs and Your Money and they aren't telling anybody how they're handling things and when people demand they give answers they tell us to take a hike.....I say it's time for Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner to take a Hike and take the rest of the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan crew with em!

Friday's Wall Street Journal Front Page Headline: "House Panel Attacks Fed, Treasury."

The Audit will get a vote in the House. It is a small victory, that comes with a huge sacrifice. In order to get the bill past the special interests of the committee, it had to be attached to Bailout Legislation. Lets face it though, They will always continue to pass their bailouts and their corruption, but this time if they want it, they're going to have to help us expose the secrecy of the Federal Reserve.


Even if the Audit does not make it through both houses, I want you people to understand the meaning of the word on that LRP shirt we sell. Vigilance. Very rare that a battle is ever won with the first strike. One Year Ago we had a rally and march right here...in the days leading up to that rally I had several conversations about Gold and The Fed where I could not get one person to agree with me that accountability was important or that inflation was dangerous.

I had Liberals tell me that we needed the "Fed Credit Card" to continue government programs....I Had Conservatives tell me that attacking the banking system didn't sound very "Capitalist"

Ladies and Gentlemen The Central Bank and Graduated Income Tax Are not only planks of the communist manifesto, but provide the mechanism for the entire platform of communism.

So for the much of the 20th Century while our country was in war all around the world fighting "Communism" We had communism established right above our heads.

They say that an Audit would endanger the system. It's in Danger either way. They say that The Fed Must be "Free" from political influence. It's influenced either way.

One Last Thing To Remember as we wrap up, for 233 years, this nation has strived for one thing. Freedom. From the Founding Fathers gathering as Minute Men and fighting the red coats to escape the tyranny of British Kings, to the Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist movement trying to prove to a nation that African Americans were indeed humans with rights, to the Civil Rights movement and the fight of many Americans to just be able to walk into a school or voting booth. We have now come full circle. Just as our Nation began to fully honour our commitment to All Persons Being Created Equal, We're being told that our Economy is above all.

The bankers stood in front of Congress and the Media, You still hear people parroting the line every single day.

They HAD to concede to the bankers, or the economy would have collapsed.

Ladies and gentlemen. The Bankers put a gun to the head of the prosperity of an entire nation of FREE people, and said You now become economic SLAVES or we will Kill the economy.
There is only one answer to a threat like that: GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Activism Social Network Launch - Support Corruption

Supportcorruption.com went live yesterday as a redirect to our new national activism social network.

We advise groups in every major area to sign up to spread photos and videos of their actions and post upcoming actions.

The point of this social network is a flier downloads section where you can get the image of the "support corruption" flier along with other fliers being submitted for national street teams' viral distribution.

This is so any spreading one group does of the "supportcorruption.com" link leads people to groups in their area who are fighting the same fight nationwide.

To submit your flier for review, please send it to kevin@libertyrestorationproject.org Our only request is that you don't mind fliers being altered slightly to fit member groups' activities (website urls, for example) and that if you use this service, we ask that you find a way include the supportcorruption.com url on some of your distributions (especially fliers downloaded from there) as to keep people finding all of our actions on it.

We want to provide a service where we all can promote each other in an easy way, that could potentially go viral. The long term goal of this website is to eventually have the home page allow people to click whether or not they would like to support corruption, and when they click that they don't it will lead them to the social network, which will direct them to view their locality.

(just letting you all in on the vision of this, so that you understand the point of us using the reverse psychology method of sending people to a website that sounds like the opposite of what we're fighting for)

Support Corruption.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The LRP KC Street Team is returning. Get involved.

With such a dramatic summer, we’ve experienced a lot of events in the area. We’re going to be sending off the last few months of 2009 the way we kicked 2009 off, by being vigilant in the visibility of our cause.

Within the next week we’re going to start doing weekly flier drops, dvd drives, constitution bombs, and poster postings all around the area.

You may have seen our “Support Corruption” flier that has now went viral and is being used by other groups around the country, well we’re slapping all kinds of info on the reverse side of it and telling people about all of the creative ways that we do and they can fight corruption. Soon we’re going to have a website dedicated to the “Support Corruption” movement where anyone in the nation can utilize the flier to mobilize their community to learn more about the various organizations around the country dedicated to the cause.

If you know a place in the KC area with heavy foot traffic on a public sidewalk that you think should be considered for an infobombing, or for more information, feel free to email kevin@libertyrestorationproject.org

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to prevent Terrorism and Extremism - My testimony to the Missouri House Interim Comittee on State Intelligence Oversight

Revolution. How one defines the term may differ greatly depending on their beliefs on the role of Government. One common thread in this century, is that the term is commonly used to invoke feelings of the Revolutionary war.

One reason I found the practices of the Missouri Information Analysis Center so appalling is that it is only one of many sources attempting to link patriotic dissent to violence.

I urge you to take a look at "Republic" magazine #15. It details greatly the government and media instances comparing constitutionalists and the Founding Fathers to rebellious violent extremists.

Is this just another case of one man's perceived terrorist being another's perceived freedom fighter? Or perhaps there are other factors to determine when rebellion is righteous?

It's a pretty common belief that the Second Amendment is not merely for hunting or defending ones self from street hoodlums, but for communities to have the capability to respond in cases of emergency or invasion by forces foreign to our laws.

However, guns are not the only solution, nor was it the solution in the 1770's. It became the final option when all other routes were exhausted. The Declaration of Independence states "Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury."

I believe the First Amendment is our channel to allow our grievances to be addressed. If a government truly operates under the consent of the governed, then amendment one would be sufficient and the threat of violent rebellion would never exist.

Martin Luther King Jr. and later John F. Kennedy both uttered a quote that describes this fact boldly.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

One common belief among the demographics profiled in the MIAC reports is the belief that government has been actively and physically resisting needed revolutionary type changes and a restoration of the god-given liberties ensured by the blood of our original patriots.

When these demographics turn extreme or violent should we not examine motive? Surely not all cases are driven by an active tyranny, but what of passive tyranny?

In my short two years of activism, I find one common response. Apathy. Whether it is your average person who buys into the belief that corruption is rampant and that the only change is a slow one moved along by support of the lesser of evils, or it is the most radical extremist who believes that change must come at all cost and that all safe, legal channels have been monopolized by corrupt bureaucracies and political advantage, so they feel that the violence option remains our last hope for preserving any resemblance of freedom.

I argue that an overwhelming majority of the people have lost all hope that government could again be an institution of the people.

It is also my belief that those who do protest and testify are the ones who still have faith that when reminded of duty, checks and balances, rule of law, and that the people formed the states and the states formed the small federal union; Government, The Constitution, and the common belief that the First Amendment precedes the Second Amendment when dealing with perceived treason; can all be restored to their proper function in our society.

My argument is that adult free-thinking peoples being watched by adult peoples following orders is not a way to prevent crime nor extremism, Instead it is an escalation of the idea that government can operate outside boundaries if the cause is just while the people must be presumed potentially guilty unless proven innocent.

At every rights violation, we're told that if there is nothing to hide there is nothing to fear, and in the next breath told that some policies of the government must remain a secret due to national SECURITY.

When did the 4th amendment right to SECURITY from warrant-less nosing in your affairs begin to only apply to the government?

Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear. Meanwhile, ignorance of the law is no excuse. So while thousands of pages of new laws, rules, regulations, statutes, procedures, resolutions, executive orders, signing statements, court precedent, and court orders are made every day in this nation, how is one ever to know that by simply performing the innocent tasks of a daily life he is not incriminating himself?

My digression brings me to my final point. The source documentation of these government reports being private institutions with their own freedoms to utilize their first amendment, to target people are groups with the labels "Hate Group" or "Hate Speech." Hate speech is still protected by the Constitution also, and it is not proper for government to make such judgement except in extreme cases of violence and crime, not mere perceived potential thereof, based on perfectly legal behaviors.

To believe that we could ever end rebellious violence with authoritarianism or end hate speech with hateful reaction is almost as absurd as bombing for peace.

I ask those in government to consider their role in a free society and their ability to cure the apathetic. Stop the extremism before it starts, by refusing to do anything that would violate your oaths to the State and Unites States Constitutions.

And close any governmental institution that refuses to do the same.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guns, Democracy, and the Left Right Paradigm

I have spent most of this morning reading the public reaction to the man who carried an AR-15 assault rifle to a protest outside an Obama townhall in Arizona.

The "new worlders" as I'll call them, continue to promote that "this isn't the wild west."

This is one of the many comments I hear over and over and over when it comes to the gun debate. When one examines the "wild west," we learn that one of the reasons guns were open-carried was that there was a supreme sense of community, and the community had an understanding that when outsiders would harm the community those armed would be able to defend the town.

This was not merely a time of Bandits and Sheriffs, Shootouts were the exception to the rule, and when they did happen it was often not the Hollywood image you get when liberals scream "Wild west mentality"

Nevermind that historical context places Gun Control immediately, chronologically prior to Genocide. The state is the #1 cause of death, and the first and second amendment is our protection against our neighborhoods being invaded by foreign or even our own military forces.

The reason I've started calling the liberal point of view "new worlders" is that they pick and choose which historical context to place most debates. I cannot begin to account for the number of times I've gotten into debates over the use of the term "new world order."

The term is very taboo, among conservatives and liberals. Both "sides" of the debate have agendas that conflict with historical perspective and would write off the Constitutional implications of what they are proposing.

You mention the 10th Amendment and you often get cries about slavery and the Civil War. However, people fail to understand historically that the 10th amendment would have made it easier for southern abolitionists to change their government without going to war if the movement would have been allowed to grow.

When the nation is split on an issue and you place it in a historical aspect as I just have, it's important to look at what might have happened if the tables were turned and what constitutional tools would be available for the moral outcome to have prevailed no matter how the battle was framed.

If it was the Federal Government mandating slavery, Abolitionists would have used the 10th amendment to abolish it in their state, just as many states are trying to do right now with non-violent drug offenses.

The point is, that the people are more likely to change something bad at the state level due to the states being that supreme constitutional barrier between Washington DC and their community.

Most state elected officials are very approachable, with few exceptions, whereas individuals communicating with Federal Representatives often have to do so through their office aids. Not to mention that most persons' homes are closer to their state capitol than the US capitol.

That 10th Amendment was put into place for a reason, the Government that this nation had just broken from was an unaccountable seat too far away for the people to influence.

The New Worlders somehow feel that Federal Government accountability is not an issue when it comes to guaranteeing rights.

Another paradigm I like to shake using the Abolitionist position of the Civil War, is that of "Democracy"

This country is a Republic where regions are represented, not a majority number. What works for a heavy population center like Los Angeles does not work for Central Missouri Farmland.

For this we allow Missouri to make its own laws apart from the federal government and we allow gerrymandering of rural districts to encompass a larger geographical area in order to quantify the rural lifestyle to contrast big city lifestyle in their government.

So over the past century and a half, the face of our country had changed, big industry moved in, huge cities sprung up, and all of a sudden, "wild west thinking" was backwards and extreme. There is no possible way our Founding Fathers could foresee this kind of society!

Wrong! The style of society does not matter, these are rules for how and who should make these policies not which policies are "backwards."

Guidelines for governing a free people, and when we begin questioning those guidelines without questioning what possible side effects it could mean for individual liberties, we are externalizing the power over our freedom to someone we cannot control.

The reason that this "Guns at Obama events" issue is in the news, is that we as a people grew to stop exercising our rights, so we stopped being used to seeing others exercising theirs.

If you need more proof, look at Republicans and Protesters. 2 years ago, Republicans were demonizing protesters as rioters and anarchy, now look at them, they are the elderly and the families. They are also being called "Angry Mobs." They understand the need to feel comfortable in exercising their rights.

Gun owners can bring back a time when merely taking a posture of defense is not looked upon as a symbol of aggression, these are just the correct procedures for working through the growing pains. I applaud these people for not being intimidated by image and perception. I wish more people were doing it.

If you're in an open-carry state, please do. If you aren't, it's time to work on your state legislature to get laws passed like New Hampshire or Arizona.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Step Up

If you already didn't have enough proof from the mountain of tyrannical legislation piled on us since the turn of the century, last week's Cap and Trade discussion was in your face. This morning the Kansas City Star is running an article about per-mile GPS enforced taxes on your motor vehicle operation.

I've spent the last year waking up to my own empowerment in what I can do, the problem is, there are so many issues to tackle, I don't ever want to focus on just one.

The special interests are running rampant in all levels of government, and it's easy and cliche for folks to continuously say "We have to do something"

It's a pretty generic request. There are countless independent and internet radio shows, bloggers, story traders over social networking...The first amendment is alive and well...or is it?

I set out in March trying to stress the importance of making the request for action general, and trying to get my fellow activists to sign onto an idea I had about a flier detailing the first amendment and how it can be interpreted. The idea never took off in the minds of others, but this Independence Day, I may just resurrect the idea.

I think the problem with the first amendment is that everyone focuses on the speech part.

Yes, you can speak....yes, you have an opinion....now the 4 followers of your vlog and the 12 people on your myspace understand the issue.....now what???

Internet petitions? Sending an email on that contact form on your congressman's website and waiting for the form letter response you're going to get?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Usually this definition is used for the millions of people who still choose to vote for the main parties.

I'm using it to call everyone out. Have you been doing the same crap for the past 5 years and whining when people don't listen or understand?

Break your paradigm. Our media is oogling protesters in Iran while ignoring the protesters here at home.

What have you protested lately? California Gay Marriage law? Peace in Iran? What about your neighbors in your neighborhood...do they deserve freedom?

Everyone has an issue....it's time to understand that if there isn't an available legislative answer then there needs to be an action plan from the streets. I'm not talking about violence here, I'm talking about knowing who the experts are in the topics you care about and referring their work to your elected officials, and when they do not act, document it, and then set your first amendment in motion.

If everyone out there reading this cares about the state of the Republic and does not have the following things then seriously consider buying them
  • A DVD Burner or copier
  • A Bullhorn
  • A Printer or the ability to email documents to a company or person who can print
  • A Camera able to capture at least an hour of mid-quality video
If you have those things IT IS UP TO YOU to do something with them. Spread the information to your community, point out how corrupt things are becoming. DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO START, THERE IS NO HEADQUARTERS OR ORGANIZATION CONTROLLING YOUR RIGHT TO DO THESE THINGS. BE YOUR OWN LEADER.

  • Make a newsletter detailing what you know about your subject and slip it in your neighborhood doors
  • Organize a protest, even if it is you and your goon friends standing outside of a store
  • Find out when your elected officials are going to be doing town hall style events and confront the issues
  • Find out when your elected officials are doing other things near you and protest them
  • Get video of you in action and put it on youtube or other internet services or make a DVD out of it
  • Burn other documentaries on your subject to loan to your friends, or if the copyright is open, hand it out on the street with copies of the above mentioned newsletter
  • IMPORTANT - Find out when committee hearings for your city council or state legislature are talking about an issue close to your heart and send the word out to like-minded individuals to form a carpool
  • IMPORTANT - Learn who your neighbors are and which ones agree with you on the important issues
Now having said that you should do these things alone, there are other options potentially. If you're ready to start doing these things and learning about the grassroots movement in Kansas City and what some of us are doing and needing help with, I ask you to consider coming to our Grassroots Liberty Fair on July 31 5:00 pm at Loose Park.

It is time to get serious and it is our hope that this event will attract some self-starters who are ready to do the things mentioned above and be the change they would like to see in the world.

If you're an organizer looking for these people, shoot an email to info@libertyrestorationproject.org The deadline for organizer sign up is July 24

More information can be found at http://www.libertyrestorationproject.org

Sunday, June 14, 2009

MIAC Hearing: Worse than we thought? Guilt by Association Until Proven Innocent & The DC Museum Shooter.

MIAC Hearing: Worse than we thought? Guilt by Association Until Proven Innocent & The DC Museum Shooter.

Government, Media, and Police Perceptions of State Intelligence Fusion
by Kevin L. Kobe

The following was written over the course of June 10-13, 2009

JUNE 10, 2009 | Jefferson City, Missouri

The Missouri House of Representatives special committee on state intelligence held its first hearing on the Missouri Information Analysis Center. After the recent actions discussing de-funding MIAC, The change of leadership at MIAC, and the politicians denouncing the Militia Report, we were to believe that the issues were understood and being addressed.

However, This committee hearing has opened my eyes that the Missouri Highway Patrol and members of the state house have no idea why their operations are dangerous and tyrannical. This three hour hearing went forward, beginning with some structural rules, followed by a slide show powerpoint on the operations of the MIAC. This slide show outlined how and when the MIAC was created, the agencies that utilize their services, and some of the cases where MIAC has provided successful information in solving crimes. One thing missing from this powerpoint was the hot button issue of Strategic Reports. The powerpoint was filled with examples of “Cattle Theft Intelligence” and the presentation even included a case where a website moderator contacted law enforcement, who then contacted MIAC, who then contacted Lee's Summit Police, who then contacted a school to verify a comment on a website where a child expressed concern about the possibility of his school being attacked. The concern turned out not to be an active plot.

One of the first comments that stood out in the minds of the patriots listening, was from Representative Viebrock. He mentioned “A revolutionary war mentality I'm hearing around the state that needs to be watched.” Shortly after, the questions turned to the Strategic Reports, and it seemed that the longer the discussion went on, the less ashamed the officers defending their organization appeared to be in relation to profiling citizens.

First Col. James Keathley was asked if MIAC still issues Strategic Reports. MIAC apparently is not currently issuing these, and they aren't looking to in the near future, with the current feelings about such reports.

Then the line of questioning turned to future reports. The possibility of future Strategic Reports is not ruled out, but again, are not currently being planned or worked on.

Continued testimony mentioned several times extreme cases of citizen violence on police or the public. Including the shooting of Dr. George Tiller 2 weeks ago, and the shootings at the National Holocaust Museum this very morning. The citing of these extremes as an excuse to “detect and analyze trends” would have been disturbing enough, but the case they really pushed was the shooting of a Missouri Law Enforcement Officer years ago by “A guy that possibly could have been identified by the rhetoric on his bumper stickers.” Questioning from the committee revealed a response that information should always have a criminal predicate.

The first of the public testimony was from LRP's own Catherine. She mentioned various flaws from federal funding, the use of federal agencies through state operations, the direct mention of the Federal Reserve and other “Government Criminals” and who is profiling and studying this criminal activity. She then asked the committee if the “Revolutionary mentality” frightened them more, or that the actions of government has placed people in the position where they feel they need to take that approach frightened them more. She asked about reports that much of the information in the Milita Report came from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a political based influential study group. She also brought up an interesting point on the timing of the creation. It was mentioned earlier that the Militia Report was started in June 2008, upon request (didn't mention who requested it), and compiled by an employee who they were keeping anonymous, an “Iraq Vet.” Catherine pointed out that May 31, 2008 was the state convention in which Ron Paul's state campaign was at odds with the established members of the Missouri Republican Party. Within a month, this document which directly names Ron Paul and Campaign For Liberty begins being drafted by the State, upon request?

The next citizen testimony came from a passionate man who was concerned with state family services and warned of the dangers of targeting those passionate against government intervention in the lives of individuals.

The next public testimony came from the Cole County Sheriff Greg White, Who described himself as an Iraq Veteran, pro-life and pro-second amendment. He advocated for the strategic reports to be reinstated as an active policy, mentioning the need for examining behaviors, and likened the practice to “School personnel studying bad behaviors to find out which students are problem children.”

The final testimony came from myself. I mentioned how nervous the buzzwords of the day had made me. I mentioned the dangers of profiling, The absurdity of comparing a free populous to school children to be studies and dealt with, and how talking about how bumper stickers can change the fight or flight response of a police officer during a public interaction is not always a good thing.

The following day, June 11, KY3 the NBC affiliate in Springfield, MO covered this hearing. They also have a “Political Notebook” blog in which they took segments of Catherine Bleish and Sheriff Greg White's testimony and “pitted” them against each other in all of their coverage. They also had a video of Governor Nixon requesting that the House members not read too much into the MIAC operations.

In this coverage, only the other police testimony is described, not the other citizens who testified against profiling. The testimony shown is shortened, and David Cantanese's twitter posts from the MIAC hearing, one which says “Ron Paul supporter on a diatribe” have conversations traced to a few individuals who are insulting the idea that we wouldn't agree with what police feel they need, one even repeating the guilt by association idea that the Holocaust Museum shooting showed the need to profile “All Fringe Groups”

The reason I bring this last point up, is not to associate KY3 or David Cantanese with those who follow and comment on his Twitter, but to show how guilt by association seems to be the name of the game now.

The night of June 12th, I managed to catch a report on CNN of “Lone Wolf Extremism” where Anderson Cooper and several “experts” were discussing racist extremist behavior. Statistics and reports from the Southern Poverty Law Center were being cited every few minutes. Every expert during the 20 minutes that I was watching came from either a racial diversity group or from a diversity department of a University. They even had a “former skinhead” who now worked under a diversity group. It was even mentioned that the current dislike for President Obama is fueling racist groups.

Since then, Glenn Beck has associated the Holocaust Museum Shooter with 9/11 protesters, without citing any source.

Keith Olbermann felt the need to mention that someone who worked on the Ron Paul Campaign lives in the same house as the person that the Holocaust Museum Shooter gave a website to.

And a CBS News blogger has written a report calling for “People who spread hate” to be “Rounded up” before “More Holocaust Museum Shootings” happen.

I am not going to be afraid of perceptions. Some will read this and say that I'm reading more into these things or tying random things together or taking things too personally. Let the facts be known in a manner that shows why I feel targeted by media, government, and the attempt to create public perception of hate:

  1. Several media attempts are now being made to tie in grassroots political activists with racist extremism, without citing credible sources.

  2. The MIAC Militia report mixes racist & extremist behaviors with things supported by grassroots political activism

  3. Several attempts are being made to associate dislike for the President's policies with hatred and racism.

  4. The MIAC report, even though the Highway Patrol says that there has to be a “Criminal Predicate” they still specifically listed by name the “End The Fed” rally that was organized by Liberty Restoration Project. If our speech is not being accused of being criminal then why weren't we contacted with information that criminals attended or planned to attend our rally? If we are being accused of being criminals, where is the evidence or the case against us? Or is Freedom and the restoration of Constitutional Principles now considered criminal? Also mentioned were supporters of presidential candidates, and we are not hearing any reports of criminal activity around Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, or Bob Barr. I also would like to know what the film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” has to do with crime.

  5. Not a single person associated with MIAC has been able to answer the “Trends” and validity question with recent examples of extremism tied to the profile in the Militia Report. Every case so far, cited in the report and from members and supporters of MIAC happened years before the Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin campaigns. Years before the release of “America: From Freedom to Fascism” and years before the “End the Fed” rallies. The Holocaust Museum and Dr. Tiller shootings happened after the release of the militia report. Why was there a need for this report in June 2008 when the Militia Report began or February 2009 when it was released?

  6. If we create these organizations to examine and report on criminal trends, I would like to know which other “Trends” that have been reported on. In the Kansas City area our local government has installed several red light cameras because we had a problem with people running red lights. Where is the Red Light Running trend report? A few years back there was several news stories of women attacking pregnant women and cutting babies out of them. Has there been a report on these practices? How about a report on Teachers having sex with students, or religious leaders sexually assaulting children? These are all things we hear about as “Criminal Trends” in our society, are these groups being profiled? How about Governors? With what happened to Former Governor Elliot Spitzer of New York and Former Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, and the recent accusations that Governor Jay Nixon's office was attempting to influence legislators' votes with career advancement opportunities show that Governors can be included in a “Criminal Trend Report”

  7. Why is Governor Jay Nixon flip-flopping on this issue? First he supported the document fully, then he had nothing to do with it and blamed his predecessor, and dealt out punishment, and now he is coming out again asking us not to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to our Highway Patrol profiling us?

  8. Catherine asked in the hearing about Centralization in reference to Knowledge as Power. When the State and Local governments are collaborating with the Federal Government in a program that collects Intel on our state's citizens, is it a general good idea to give power on that level upwards in the chain? Is the Department of Homeland Security using the information gathered by local governments? If so, are they using it to database and compile profiles on whole segments of local populations, or profiles on innocent individuals?

  9. The media and government commentary on “Hate crime” and “Hate speech” never define the terminology of these phrases. When they do discuss “Hate” they never make a calculated examination of what should be protected under the First Amendment and what should be watched and controlled. They appear to cast a wide net that seems to include all controversial speech that they do not agree with.

Cointelpro was a program spying on Civil Rights activists. It was profiling and intelligence. I did not agree when our government targeted these Civil Rights activists. While I agree with closing the borders, I did not agree with our government targeting Latinos that are already here. After 9/11 I did not agree with the wish of some to profile middle easterners and members of the Muslim religion.

One of the key backbones to our society is Innocence until proven guilty. Justice must remain blind. If you didn't agree when the media said that “anti-war supports terrorists” then please don't buy into the current feeling being portrayed that “conservative ideals and activism supports racists and extremism.”

If you live in Missouri, it is your duty to keep an eye out for the Missouri House of Representatives Website for the upcoming roaming committee town hall hearings on the MIAC center and try to make it to one near your area and defend free speech and the freedom to associate without being guilty by association.





Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Timeline: Liberty Restoration Project and the Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report

Tomorrow, June 10, 2009 The Missouri State House of Representatives begins an investigation into the practices of the Missouri Information Analysis Center. Liberty Restoration Project plans to be there.

We have compiled a short timeline of our actions concerning the "Modern Militia Report" to submit.

We are also currently working to get the fees taken care of to pay for the documents issued through our sunshine request.

When: March 13-18, 2009
Confirming existence and accuracy of the media leak of the Militia Report and attempting to get information from representatives of the Governor's office, The Missouri Highway Patrol, and the Missouri Information Analysis Center
Where: via telephone
Responses: Referred to Lt. Holz, Maj. Replogle, who both stated that the document was not intended to offend, or be released.

When: Monday March 16, 2009
What: Issued Sunshine Law Requests to Missouri Governor's Office, State Emergency Management Agency, and the Missouri Highway Patrol regarding information related to Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report (in person and via fax)
Where: Jefferson City
Response(s): ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsg_WFuedFA / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0goVOsbrgRc / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ71Fcxz9Rw / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnt8r1JxpBY )

When: Thursday March 19, 2009
What: LRP's Catherine Bleish guest Co-hosted "Lives in the Balance" With Jason Littlejohn to interview fmr. Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin concerning Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report
Where: KCXL 1140 AM Kansas City

When: Monday March 23, 2009
What: LRP's Kevin Kobe guest Co-hosted Paragon Radio with Ben Johnson and discusses Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia Report
Where: KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City
Response(s): Very supportive, every caller understood that this was direct targeting by the government against patriotic citizens

When: Monday March 23, 2009
What: In-Person followup in Governor Nixon's office regarding lack of compliance with Sunshine Law request over Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report, Request for meeting.
Where: Governor's Office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
Response(s): (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uArKdoyjdi8 / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoPUZMGxTqE/

When: Monday March 23, 2009
What: Deliver Informative Packets Concerning Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report
Where: Every Single Legislator's Offices, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri

When: Friday March 27, 2009
What: Attended Coffee Chat with State Senator Jolie Justus of Kansas City (A Legislative Recap)
Where: Coffeebreak, Troost Ave., Kansas City Missouri
Response(s): Further alerted her to Missouri Information Analysis Center report and the Governor's responses. Learned that she did not physically receive the packet of information delivered to state legislators on March 23. Her staffers had made a "summary" and gave that to her.

When: Thursday April 30, 2009
Visited Governor Jay Nixon's office again to request an in-person meeting be scheduled
Where: Governor's Office, State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri
Response(s): Gave them our business card again, we again requested that appointment be scheduled, and we let them know that being ignored is stressing our patience.

When: Throughout the months of March and April
What: Members of LRP contacted by Federal Reserve Police in Washington DC regarding End the Fed DC Rally.
Where: Telephone, Email
Response(s): Seemed way too inquisitive. Asked several questions about the national movement and the MIAC report.

When: Throughout the months of March and April
What: Called Missouri Governor Nixon's office several times concerning Scheduling a meeting with the Governor, the Missouri Information Analysis Center Modern Militia Report, and the lack of compliance with the Sunshine Law Request that was filed.
Where: Telephone and Fax
Response(s): Contact information "received", then completely blown off.

When: Wednesday May 6, 2009
What: In Person meeting with Lt. Governor Peter Kinder for Comment on Governor Nixon's inconsistencies regarding Missouri Information Analysis Center Report on the Modern Militia Report
Where: Outside LT. Governor's office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
Response(s): (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iefg2ZLLt-I ) VERY Positive. He doubted we would be granted a meeting with Governor Nixon, and playfully told us to "Get it ALL on Youtube"

When: Wednesday May 6, 2009
What: In-Person Request for Meeting with Governor Jay Nixon on the topic of Missouri Information Analysis Center Report on the Modern Militia Report
Where: Governor's Office, Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri
Response(s): (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECCl76Ek9QE / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA8H83N7zPU) Confronted by a Governor's Staff member who refused to answer any questions, including his job title. Then thrown out by Highway Patrol. Highway Patrol told us that we would not be meeting with the Governor, and that we would not be told who had given the order to make us leave. A few local blogs picked up the story after KCMO 710AM Radio reported it. The blogs commentary implied that we deserved the negative response. Their blog's comments and our youtube video comments are mostly supportive.

When: Wednesday June 3, 2009
Question and conversation to former Governor Matt Blunt about MIAC during transparency panel at Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference
Where: Millenium Hotel, St. Louis Missouri
Could not confirm that his administration did not contribute to the Missouri Information Analysis Center Militia report, told me to keep pressure on media to keep government transparent

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Boy who cried "Politics"

I'm noticing more and more in my every day paradigm breaking that there seems to be a syndrome of people who try to tie in every legitimate concern with illegitimacy to discredit the processes of life and life's information.

I call this the "Boy who cried wolf" syndrome. Lets examine the classic children's fable:

From Wikipedia:

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf, also known as The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf, is a fable attributed to Aesop (210 in Perry's numbering system[1]). The protagonist of the fable is a bored shepherd boy who entertained himself by calling out "Wolf!". Nearby villagers who came to his rescue found that the alarms were false and that they had wasted their time. When the boy was actually confronted by a wolf, the villagers did not believe his cries for help and the wolf ate the flock (and in some versions the boy). The moral is stated at the end of the fable as:

Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth."

They boy cried "Wolf" over and over again, with illegitimate reasons. The townspeople got tired of being alerted for no reason, and let him get eaten alive.

The 10th Amendment
Regardless of what you think of the Civil War and its reasoning, what we're expected by the mainstream to take away from Civil War Studies is that the Southern States were trying to use the 10th Amendment to justify what they felt was a legitimate practice, in violating the rest of the Bill of Rights of certain individuals. The 13th and the 14th Amendment was ratified thanks to STATES RIGHTS to amend the constitution.

Ever since then, 10th Amendment discussion has been based mostly on Abortion Law.

There is now a movement to re-assert 10th Amendment rights of the States. We are not being taken seriously.

"10th Amendment!! 10th Amendment!!"
"aww you're just using that to take other humans' rights"..slaps the boy..goes back to sleep
"10th Amendment!! 10th Amendment!!"
"Abortion? Really"...goes back to bed
"10th Amendment!! 10th Amendment!!"
"Not again!@ Who Cares? Go to Bed!!"
...........as the states are eaten by wolves.

"Impeach!! Bad President!!"
"He's lying about a blow job. This is what is so important, that you called all of us here?"...goes back to bed
"Impeach!! Bad President!!"
......the wolves eat the constitution

Who do we blame?
Those who make our processes and information illegitimate?
I say we blame the townspeople.
When it's your duty to watch a child, no matter how many times he gets out of hand and cries wolf, he is still your responsibility.

Reject the notion that any information or constitutional process is no good based on past experience.

Keep an open mind and an open eye trained on your Government.
Or we are ALL Dinner to the wolves.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missouri Senate Unanimously passes HB 361 to Repeal Real ID in Missouri


Missouri Senate Unanimously passes HB 361 to Repeal Real ID in Missouri

Shortly after 5:00pm on Wednesday May 13, 2009, the Missouri State Senate took a vote on HB 361 to repeal the Federal Real ID Act.

After about an hour of interesting debate, that ranged from unfunded federal mandates, to constitutional infringements, to the political courage of the federal level government’s unwillingness to make it’s own Identification Card, to Senator Purgason’s recently deceased mule, the Senate passed the repeal bill unanimously 32-0.

Please contact your senator and thank them for their support.

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