Monday, April 11, 2011

The Big Thanks.

"Don't Be Tread On" is now being published. Although I try to credit influences when and where they are due, I realize now that I should have added this to the book in addition to the shout outs to resources that were influential.

There are many people and organizations that I have come in contact in the last 5 years that deserve to be recognized as important figures in the self education of Kevin L. Kobe. I would like to recognize those who helped lead me down the Liberty path here and now.

To Gary Franchi and William Lewis, you guys have been the biggest breath of fresh air that you don't have to care to be censored or dumb things down to spread the info. Keep waking people up, you two have been my media mentors even though I've only met you a few times.

To Chuck Baldwin, It was an honor to vote for you in 2008 and an honor to shake your hand on a few occasions. Thank you for continuing to advocate for the style of activism that those of us in Missouri and our supporters tried to mobilize.

To the Southern Mo crew: Renea, Ryan and Bran...You showed me that you don't need big city recognition to be a leader. You showed me how to have fun and remain vigilant during the downtime.

To my Oklahoma friends, James Lane, Chris Emory, and Kaye Beach, thank you for your continued support beyond my more public days.

To Michael Maresco and others across the country that stopped in KC for an aloha. Thanks for showing how laid back, good times can still make a patriot feel accomplished.

To Dr. Ed Kendrick and Larry from the KC Uptown/Conspiracy Room, Thank you for providing locations where those with open minds can congregate and educate behind open doors.

To Ben Johnson of 90.1 KC KKFI's Paragon Radio and Jacob Appleman, Thank you for never giving in to those who say that the truth doesn't matter in the middle of the night. F**k those people.

To Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Jesse Ventura, Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh, Thank you for putting your life in the spotlight to give new patriots an example on how to change their thinking and be true giant celebrities among the awakened giant known as the Patriot Movement.

Thank you to those in the Missouri Government who took the time to listen, there are too many to name, but the top 4 in my book are Lt. Gov Peter Kinder, Sen. Jolie Justus, Rep. Jim Guest, and Sen. Jim Lembke. These 4 took a stand for causes that weren't popular or politically advantagous at different times, in the name of knowing what's right. Our politics may not all be the same, but sometimes doing what's right can be a reason to smile at each other.

To the Missouri Libertarian Party, specifically Cisse Spraggins...thank you for being the Only support of mine during the craziest time of my life. It was so the wrong timing for me, but you believed that even a little effort goes a big way to change hearts. Sorry I couldn't grab more hearts and minds, but glad to have tried for the cause.

To my Liberty Family...Those I got close to in LRP.

To Chip Gross, Bryon Huber, David Smith, Rich DeYoung, Mike Ducey, Jesse Jeffers, Josh Carter, and Gabe Grider, a lot of you had the drive, all of you had the heart, together we had the spirit. Thank you all for your contributions to the cause.

To The Ward Family, thank you for your leadership, versatility, resourcefulness, your lighthearted, kind demeanor, and thank you for being my friends. I cherish the good times and regret sour notes, but all in all it's just rock and roll baby.

To Catherine Bleish, you were many things to me, friend, mentor, a shoulder to cry on, a spirit to look up to. Throughout our working relationship, and our disagreements there is one quality that I will never forget as long as I live. Your brass balls and the fire to use them. No matter how big of a challenge we had, you always made all of us Davids feel like Goliath killers.

Finally, my real family.

To my Brother David for continuing to be inspired by my passion, I love you.

To my Mother for being my strength when I had none left, I love you.

To my Son, for always showing me that my actions will have consequences and influences, I love you.

To my Bros by other Mofos Mike and Jarrod, Thanks for believing. I love you.

Thank you to the most special women I have ever had the complete honor of sharing my life with,Samantha, Cory, and Heather. You showed me how good of a man I could be even when I wasn't trying to change the world. You got me through some of the highest highs and the lowest lows of my political challenges. None of you need to be a romantic interest of mine for me to admire you. I am gifted that you have touched my life. For that, I do have love for you.

Durkin Family - ahhh :P

To my Daughter, I want to say that I experience hope that no matter how many years go by, there is always a good reason to fight on for what you love. I love you.

With Liberty,