Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Step Up

If you already didn't have enough proof from the mountain of tyrannical legislation piled on us since the turn of the century, last week's Cap and Trade discussion was in your face. This morning the Kansas City Star is running an article about per-mile GPS enforced taxes on your motor vehicle operation.

I've spent the last year waking up to my own empowerment in what I can do, the problem is, there are so many issues to tackle, I don't ever want to focus on just one.

The special interests are running rampant in all levels of government, and it's easy and cliche for folks to continuously say "We have to do something"

It's a pretty generic request. There are countless independent and internet radio shows, bloggers, story traders over social networking...The first amendment is alive and well...or is it?

I set out in March trying to stress the importance of making the request for action general, and trying to get my fellow activists to sign onto an idea I had about a flier detailing the first amendment and how it can be interpreted. The idea never took off in the minds of others, but this Independence Day, I may just resurrect the idea.

I think the problem with the first amendment is that everyone focuses on the speech part.

Yes, you can speak....yes, you have an the 4 followers of your vlog and the 12 people on your myspace understand the what???

Internet petitions? Sending an email on that contact form on your congressman's website and waiting for the form letter response you're going to get?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Usually this definition is used for the millions of people who still choose to vote for the main parties.

I'm using it to call everyone out. Have you been doing the same crap for the past 5 years and whining when people don't listen or understand?

Break your paradigm. Our media is oogling protesters in Iran while ignoring the protesters here at home.

What have you protested lately? California Gay Marriage law? Peace in Iran? What about your neighbors in your they deserve freedom?

Everyone has an's time to understand that if there isn't an available legislative answer then there needs to be an action plan from the streets. I'm not talking about violence here, I'm talking about knowing who the experts are in the topics you care about and referring their work to your elected officials, and when they do not act, document it, and then set your first amendment in motion.

If everyone out there reading this cares about the state of the Republic and does not have the following things then seriously consider buying them
  • A DVD Burner or copier
  • A Bullhorn
  • A Printer or the ability to email documents to a company or person who can print
  • A Camera able to capture at least an hour of mid-quality video
If you have those things IT IS UP TO YOU to do something with them. Spread the information to your community, point out how corrupt things are becoming. DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO START, THERE IS NO HEADQUARTERS OR ORGANIZATION CONTROLLING YOUR RIGHT TO DO THESE THINGS. BE YOUR OWN LEADER.

  • Make a newsletter detailing what you know about your subject and slip it in your neighborhood doors
  • Organize a protest, even if it is you and your goon friends standing outside of a store
  • Find out when your elected officials are going to be doing town hall style events and confront the issues
  • Find out when your elected officials are doing other things near you and protest them
  • Get video of you in action and put it on youtube or other internet services or make a DVD out of it
  • Burn other documentaries on your subject to loan to your friends, or if the copyright is open, hand it out on the street with copies of the above mentioned newsletter
  • IMPORTANT - Find out when committee hearings for your city council or state legislature are talking about an issue close to your heart and send the word out to like-minded individuals to form a carpool
  • IMPORTANT - Learn who your neighbors are and which ones agree with you on the important issues
Now having said that you should do these things alone, there are other options potentially. If you're ready to start doing these things and learning about the grassroots movement in Kansas City and what some of us are doing and needing help with, I ask you to consider coming to our Grassroots Liberty Fair on July 31 5:00 pm at Loose Park.

It is time to get serious and it is our hope that this event will attract some self-starters who are ready to do the things mentioned above and be the change they would like to see in the world.

If you're an organizer looking for these people, shoot an email to The deadline for organizer sign up is July 24

More information can be found at