Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Light Camera action info

We rallied on 02.15.09 in support of Missouri Senate Bill SB211 to ban traffic cameras

LRP in local news - anti red light camera rally

Channel 9 video:

Channel 4 article:,0,5078568.story

If you find more photos/press on this rally please email links to

Also, if you are interested in testifying in person or in writing on SB211 (to ban red light cameras in MO) in Jefferson City this Wednesday, please email

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great News!

A friend has recieved confirmation that MO Rep. Mike Talboy will be supporting HB 361.

My sincere apologies to the fine Missouri Democrat for the earlier miscalculation of his position.

Please continue to support anti-real ID legislation by calling the following reps and asking to push it through the committee.

Guest, Jim, Chair
Flanigan, Tom, Vice Chair
Brown, Steve
Dugger, Tony
Grill, Jason
Kratky, Michele
Kraus, Will
Leara, Mike
Meiners, Kate
Silvey, Ryan
Talboy, Mike
Viebrock, Jim

Don't forget to call your own reps also and ask them to Co-Sponsor!!!

Just in time for this Sunday's protest!!

Missouri SB211

No county, city, town, village, municipality, state agency,
or other political subdivision of this state that is authorized to issue a
notice of violation for a violation of a state or local traffic law or
regulation, shall use or employ an automated photo red light
enforcement system at any intersection within its jurisdiction. As used
in this section, the term "automated photo red light enforcement
system" shall mean a device, consisting of a camera or cameras and a
vehicle sensor or sensors, installed to work in conjunction with a traffic
control signal, which is used to produce recorded images of motor
vehicles entering an intersection against a red signal indication.

If you're in Missouri and your State Senator is listed at
please call and ask for support!!

This is going into committee next week, and we would like as many pro-active calls as we can get!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Missourians!! A Call to Action!!

If your state rep is in the following list please encourage them to help push through the bills below!!!!!

(note Ryan Silvey was especially cocky and nonchalant during the whole committee hearing on these bills, walking in late while sipping on Starbucks frozen latte, texting, slumping in his seat, and a seat that wasn't his to chat with Mike Talboy...who was also slumping and texting)

Guest, Jim, Chair
Flanigan, Tom, Vice Chair
Brown, Steve
Dugger, Tony
Grill, Jason
Kratky, Michele
Kraus, Will
Leara, Mike
Meiners, Kate
Silvey, Ryan
Talboy, Mike
Viebrock, Jim

My testimony on HCR13

10th Amendment becomes heated in MO General Assembly

The following happened during a debate on this bill:

I happened to see this exchange in person, as I was in Jeff City testifying on ANOTHER 10th amendment bill. This bill being discussed here, I testified on last week, and they just happened to be debating it while we were there.

JEFFERSON CITY | A Missouri House member apologizes for any offense caused when he referred to the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression.”

The comment from Bryan Stevenson came during debate Tuesday on a resolution urging federal leaders to oppose an abortion proposal that could overrule many state-level restrictions.

The Republican from the southwest Missouri town of Webb City said it would be the “greatest power grab by the federal government since the War of Northern Aggression.”

The remark prompted House member Don Calloway, a Democrat from St. Louis, to request an apology. Calloway, who is black, said the Civil War restored the union and freed the slaves and it’s inappropriate to call it “Northern aggression.”

Stevenson responded that he is “sincerely apologetic for any offense my comment made.”

The House didn’t vote on the abortion resolution.


Okay....First off...this was NOT an "Abortion" resolution. It was a resolution for Missouri to affirm the right to make its own Abortion laws, and preemptively reject federal passage of the Freedom of Choice Act. In other words, Missouri affirming its sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

Secondly, Rep Calloway did not seem to understand the above, as he was ruled against the rules of the House for attempting to introduce non-related amendments to the bill concerning family planning.

Third, Rep Stevenson made the miscalculated comment during a three-minute long passionate emotional speech on State Sovereignty, Constitutional Rights, and the Federal Government being a creation of the states.

Lastly, it IS the thought of many, that if you were in Missouri during the civil war, that the War's entry into Missouri was Northern Aggression. The demanded apology, was received...but he apologized not for the comment, but for the way his comment was received. (As soon as the comment was made, many house members screamed "OHHH")

My testimony to the committee last week concerning this bill

(I messed up due to being nervous and trying to "dumb it down" for their argument was that the Freedom of Choice Act has not been introduced into the US congress this session yet.)

Come on down to 39th and Southwest Trafficway this Sunday!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

When Revolutionaries visit the General Assembly

02.04.2009 | Jefferson City, Missouri

By Kevin L. Kobe

Members of Kansas City's Liberty Restoration Project arrived in Jefferson City just seconds before the 8:00a.m. Special committee on families meeting. Several persons were hoping to view a debate on abortion issues. However, one clause in HR 212 derailed the debate. LRP was hoping to state our case.

It was not our case to make, however, it was the case of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It was the case of the sovereignty of the state of Missouri to stand superior in the creation of laws within its borders. It was something that I personally felt that Missouri Legislators should look at as job security.

This is exactly what I had testified to during my few moments to speak to the house committee. When the federal government can overturn state laws at their every whim, why even have a body to make state laws?

The opposition to the bill, argued the normal Abortion rights issues, and argued that this bill seemed to be in opposition to a bill on the Federal level that had not been presented yet. They argued that Missouri's laws were not in immediate danger, and that even if the Federal government overstepped their bounds, that these issues would be determined by the courts, as women's health issues.

Again, The Constitution does not allow for multiple legislative bodies to be equals in conflict, with the courts deciding which differences are sovereign based on an individual's rights. This would be legislating from the court bench.

Also, the opposition offered an interpretation of the tenth amendment that focused on the last part of it. "Amendment X : The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." They focused on a claim that the rights of a sovereign person are superior to the state. (assuming they mean the right to choose an Abortion is a person's right first, superseding bodies of established government.) The question here is, How does a sovereign individual make a law? Through petitioning, and changing of the body of laws through a vote or through petitioning their elected representatives in State or Federal government.

The issue is not whether the "Freedom of Choice Act" or similar legislation becomes law in Missouri, the issue is whether the law is passed by the US Congress or the Missouri General Assembly (or the courts if you happen to agree with those who were in opposition to this legislation). We are a Republic. That means that even the voices not in the majority should have a say in the laws imposed on them. This is why we have state government. The United States may be one large body, but the insurance of freedom is dependent on different sections of the population being able to live under their own sets of values. What works for south-central Los Angeles might not work in rural Missouri. This is why it is clearly defined in the United States Constitution that it is a right of the state to decide how to proceed with dealing with these issues.

After the committee hearing on this bill, the members of Liberty Restoration Project were introduced on the floor of the General Assembly as special guests of Representative Cynthia Davis of District 19 - St. Charles County. Then we spoke with Representative Jim Guest momentarily, as the session began, before we went to some offices to request meetings with our own district officials.

The whole day was very exhilarating to see in person the types of debates that go on in the halls of government, however, the brightest point for this activist did not happen inside the capitol building, but outside as we were leaving. There were protesters outside holding signs. One of them said "Tell Barack to get his peace on!" That is a federal government issue I can get behind!

Propaganda, Persuasion, and Paradigms - National Freedom Day and Communication as a Patriot

by Kevin L. Kobe

Kansas City, MO | 02.01.2009

This was supposed to be a blog about the street action that Liberty Restoration Project had over the past weekend. We spent two days handing out constitutions, fliers, and "Freedom to Fascism" DVDs on the main corners in the Westport area of Kansas City. However, It is very difficult for me to describe an experience in terms that will provide someone with enlightened ways to view the world around them. A day handing out materials is not very unique, and I think the more important thing to examine are the unique details of a particular event.

The last time I'd done flier handouts, I found myself in two arguments. One was from a self-described liberal, who asked what my issue was. When I replied "I want to see the government return to the Constitution." His response was: "Even the part about Promoting General Welfare?" I didn't have much time to really discuss things with him, but he did mention how he felt the need for the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank as tools of taking care of fellow citizens who suffer. I got distracted by someone else who ran up and asked me things, and he took off. I wish I could have had more time to engage him in discussion, because he was receptive.

The second person who argued with me was a self-described conservative. (I use the adjective self-described, because I do not believe in the left-right paradigm, and I find flaws in the overall terms in relation to the details and descriptions in what the two sides actually believe.) She had stopped and wanted me to wait for her to read along and answer questions for me. She immediately questioned my position as a "Free-Market Conservative" because of the language of the flier was pointing out the absurdities in centralized business. Before she threw the materials back at me and into my box of fliers, she made the comment "You call yourself a Capitalist, and yet you are against the banking structure?" and then she stormed off....

So here we have both sides of the left-right paradigm both turning off the freedom message at the exact moment that the superiority of the central bank is questioned. Now, the role of the central bank and taxable wages are outlined in the Communist Manifesto, which is widely viewed as very opposite to our form of a Republic.

But, I've digressed. This column, again, is supposed to be about this more recent street action. Reception of the public, is always viewed as critical to the freedom movement. This is why I've focused so much on the examples above. Over the past weekend, however, I focused much of the theme of the day on the holiday. National Freedom Day. I quickly seen what that term does to people. Everyone wants to participate in freedom.

"Happy National Freedom Day, Would you like to celebrate with a free pocket constitution or a movie about the income tax?" How many people do you think would say "no" to that question? Actually, more people than I thought did refuse a constitution.

Most of the street action I've done so far has been handing out constitutions, and the people who say "no" usually give one of a few different responses. "I have it memorized" "I already have one" "I'm a foreigner"

And then there is my favorite....which I've gotten this response from both people who do not want one, and from people who accept one with gratitude. "I'm a Teacher." I assume those who don't want one, wish to make me think that because they are a teacher, they know enough about the constitution and do not need a pocket version. Those who do take one, seem to be honestly interested in the fliers and other materials I hand out with the constitutions, and act so encouraging, that I wonder if they ever talk about freedom with their students.

My wife noticed another common thread of responses...The Cynical Response. It often comes from those who know that we have a problem with the constitution, but don't seem to want to do a whole lot about it. The Cynical Response is intended to be a joke, one that is both intended to relate to our cause, and insult our intelligence in just a few phrases. "Which Constitution is that?? The new one or the old one?" So then we try to mention something about the United States of America, 1787 and founding fathers etc. and the reply is.... "Good Luck, that thing doesn't exist any more" as they snicker and leave.

On Saturday, we ran into a few fellow patriot types, who engaged us in a discussion. They quickly became rallied into an excited frenzy seeing us out there, and started feeling insulted when members of the public did not wish to take a constitution.

Sunday was a pretty slow day, Bryon Huber wound up being the only person in the group who really got into a discussion on relevant topics. I'm hoping that the reason for a day with no conflicting paradigms, was that the kind of people who would be hanging out in Westport on National Freedom Day a.k.a. Super Bowl Sunday, are the kind of people who will accept information and paradigms as opposed to looking for a fight.

Which brings me to the holiday. Many people have never heard of National Freedom Day. I must admit, that I'd never consciously known about it before 2009. Apparently, National Freedom Day was created by President Harry S. Truman. There was a movement at the time to create a holiday to celebrate the freedom of former slaves. President Truman took the idea one step further and created a holiday to celebrate the freedom of everyone under our form of government. National Freedom Day may be over, however, my hope is that anyone reading this will take that spirit to heart deep into this 21st century.

So often the centralization I spoke of earlier, masquerades as real choice and competition. It is my opinion that true free market capitalism must incorporate some sort of competition or it becomes almost monopolistic. Monopolies are one step away from having one national business in a sector, and once a market is nationalized, it is said to be communist/socialist and slowly our "freedom" is losing out to "the way things are done."

You see standardization can free a society, by allowing the people to be on the same page, or standardization can enslave a society by allowing those at the top to control exactly how a particular product can be used.

Please think about your freedom of choice when it comes to what is important in your life. Don't be buffaloed or fooled into false choices. Keep your eyes open for future opportunities to join us in our street action. Visit and and to sign up and stay informed on when we do hit the streets, and how to access our information for you to print and hand out.

The Fruit Upon The Tree Of Liberty Shall Not Be Bitter

There are those in the liberty movement who choose to resort to infighting and attacks.

I beg you to pick your battles wisely. There are always going to be people we don't agree with in the movement, but when we focus our attention on them we begin to lose sight of our own goals.

The truth will always rise through the lies, so focus on the truth not the lie.

You don't like someone? Ignore them. This movement is not about playing politics with each other and jockeying for position in a cult of personality or hero worship.

Also cast no stone lest ye be impervious to blunt damage.

The issue I have with many in the old guard in the movement is this back room mentality that by mere discussion of the issues on the internet or in a back room is somehow fighting the centralized globalists. You are doing nothing but preaching to the converted and hiding from the real battles and you are cowardly.

I ask those in the movement to put up or shut up. If you have a problem with fellow patriots, then do them one better and start doing something to advance your own revolutionary causes.

Never be afraid of the truth, more importantly, never be afraid of the lies. Hit the streets, hit up your elected officials, and start changing some paradigms.

I know that this article seems hypocritical, however I would hope that those who may feel it is relevant would look at it more as a call for us to work positively together than an "attack" on a paradigm.

For the record, this isn't directed at any one person. I've heard from about 10 of the people described in this blog over the past 2 weeks. And frankly I'm sick of the hypocrisy of people who claim to be above the brainwashing and play these popularity games as if life was a goddamn reality show on VH1. You're not helping anything, you make us all look petty. So do the world a favor and go worship something else like the rest of the brainwashed sports/drama nuts. This isn't your football game or an episode of who wants to fight the new world order.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Project Participation Calendar

One thing I havent discussed much in the local movements is the calendar on LRP's website. It's called the Project Participation Calendar.

The Project Participation Calendar is a place for people to get information on events, meetings, lectures, etc. from all across the political spectrum and from grassroots to government.

It is a centralized hub for any 21st century concerned citizen to start becoming involved.

If you know of any events in the spirit of this calendar, that aren't listed, please feel free to email me the details at

Reposting: Help Send LRP to CPAC

LRP could really use this exposure, so if you believe in the cause...we could use your help.

Liberty Restoration Project's Catherine Writes:

Please help send 3 representatives to the CPAC 2009 Convention. This is one of the largest meetings of conservatives in the US every year and is the perfect opportunity for LRP to expand their network of support in order to accomplish our goals for 2009. Your contribution will cover the cost of transportation and convention registration for three of our director level volunteers. visit for more information on CPAC 2009 or for more information on LRP.

please spread this link far and wide, your support is greatly appreciated!

<3 Catherine