Monday, November 23, 2009

"Give me [financial] Liberty" Kevin Kobe's speech from End The Debt - Audit The Fed Rally 11/22/2009

We stand here 46 years after the assassination of John Kennedy. You don't have to like the man, or the title of President. We're here to honor an action. It's an idea that no matter who you are, the pedigree you came from....the views you've had in the past, Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist or Socialist....The ability to recognize a danger to the American People and stand up as a Patriot is within all of us.

I don't expect everyone to like Kennedy's policies or his family. But His speeches struck a chord in the hearts and minds of men. and with one action, he attempted to remove some of the hidden corporate slavery of the debt machine. Executive Order 11110 was a chance to be free and with 3 shots in Dealey Plaza that chance was silenced.

JFK Once Said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

In March, Liberty Restoration Project as well as our allies across the country recognized a threat to peaceful revolution in the name of the MIAC Militia Report...and uncovered other threats in the other MIAC reports...all of them demonizing grassroots movements as violent extremism that pose a threat to government.

Missouri Law Enforcement declared activists their enemy with 4 words I quote: "You Are The Enemy" As hard as they tried to deny it, it was clear in black and white. They said violent people support Ron Paul.........Violent People Might Just Have Bumper Stickers...Violent People Attend End The Fed Rallies

I say Violent People Might Wear Underwear and Drink Pepsi too, where is that listed in the report?

The other reports demonize groups on the grassroots Left.... I don't care what you think about these movements or the actions some fringe members of these movements have taken, the point remains that the entire grassroots accountability movement from the right and left are both being laid out as too dangerous to be allowed because of a few bad apples.

Committees of Safety...The New Black Panther Party...Here's one I heard Glenn Beck demonizing...Copwatch, a non-partisan group that documents police-citizen interaction so that either party may use that documentation in a court of Law. That is potentially violent extremism?

There was another report warning that people in Prison might just join Al Qaeda....I wonder if that goes for Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay types who have used Wall Street to loot our economy of billions....our private prison system and the consistant crackdown on nonviolent self-destructive offenders is never addressed when they parade the terror boogeymen.

The First Hearing about these reports occurred the SAME DAY that an extreme abortion activist walked into a church and gunned down one of the most well known Abortion Doctors in the country.

Before I had even heard of the shooting, this one instance of an extreme act of murder was being paraded by Law Enforcement in front of this state's legislature as proof that we all need to be profiled as dangerous.

The Mainstream Media immediately jumped on board, tying extremism in with "Militias" and "Anti Government"

I Have the Government RIGHT's called THE CONSTITUTION and if anybody is ANTI Government it's the people who would dare work against it. On the contrary, Gathered in front of me is a bunch of the most pro-constitutional government people in this region.

I have since seen several Mainstream Media reports where they do exactly what the MIAC center has done. They look to the politicized Southern Poverty Law Center for their boogeymen.

I've now seen Three CNN and MSNBC reports teaming up with the SPLC demonizing Oath Keepers, a group that is asking Police, Vets, and active duty military to read this Constitution, Reaffirm their oath, and if their commanders should ever give them an order that would turn our forces against the people, to refuse it.

This constitution scares the HELL out of these Corrupt Media, Corporation, Banking, and Political Party Power Brokers.

They say these things are threatening, and that they use the reports as valuable tools to prevent crime. Ladies and gentlemen, they use these tools because they are afraid of the peaceful revolution and they know that if they create a big enough fear climate, their system will accumulate so much power that a violent outbreak would mean pure victory for them. Violence legitimizes the fear climate and at Fed buildings all across the country today we send a message back that the First Amendment IS PEACE AND PEACE IS WINNING IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN.

Another JFK Quote: "The Word Secrecy is Repugnant in a free and open society." There has been NO AUDIT since the Fed was created in 1913. They used to offer M3 reports on Cash Flow....not an's like me giving the IRS a letter saying that my books are okay and not offering any receipts or documentation...but for years they at least gave us that...but now they've stopped and when asked why, they said that Monetary Supply has grown so large that it was not worth it to print it all on paper and give to Congress. For almost 100 years the bankers scheme has gripped American Economic and Monetary Policy. Now I know economy speak turns people off so let me repeat that in layman's terms...Bankers control the future of Jobs and Your Money and they aren't telling anybody how they're handling things and when people demand they give answers they tell us to take a hike.....I say it's time for Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner to take a Hike and take the rest of the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan crew with em!

Friday's Wall Street Journal Front Page Headline: "House Panel Attacks Fed, Treasury."

The Audit will get a vote in the House. It is a small victory, that comes with a huge sacrifice. In order to get the bill past the special interests of the committee, it had to be attached to Bailout Legislation. Lets face it though, They will always continue to pass their bailouts and their corruption, but this time if they want it, they're going to have to help us expose the secrecy of the Federal Reserve.


Even if the Audit does not make it through both houses, I want you people to understand the meaning of the word on that LRP shirt we sell. Vigilance. Very rare that a battle is ever won with the first strike. One Year Ago we had a rally and march right the days leading up to that rally I had several conversations about Gold and The Fed where I could not get one person to agree with me that accountability was important or that inflation was dangerous.

I had Liberals tell me that we needed the "Fed Credit Card" to continue government programs....I Had Conservatives tell me that attacking the banking system didn't sound very "Capitalist"

Ladies and Gentlemen The Central Bank and Graduated Income Tax Are not only planks of the communist manifesto, but provide the mechanism for the entire platform of communism.

So for the much of the 20th Century while our country was in war all around the world fighting "Communism" We had communism established right above our heads.

They say that an Audit would endanger the system. It's in Danger either way. They say that The Fed Must be "Free" from political influence. It's influenced either way.

One Last Thing To Remember as we wrap up, for 233 years, this nation has strived for one thing. Freedom. From the Founding Fathers gathering as Minute Men and fighting the red coats to escape the tyranny of British Kings, to the Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist movement trying to prove to a nation that African Americans were indeed humans with rights, to the Civil Rights movement and the fight of many Americans to just be able to walk into a school or voting booth. We have now come full circle. Just as our Nation began to fully honour our commitment to All Persons Being Created Equal, We're being told that our Economy is above all.

The bankers stood in front of Congress and the Media, You still hear people parroting the line every single day.

They HAD to concede to the bankers, or the economy would have collapsed.

Ladies and gentlemen. The Bankers put a gun to the head of the prosperity of an entire nation of FREE people, and said You now become economic SLAVES or we will Kill the economy.
There is only one answer to a threat like that: GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!