Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Activism Social Network Launch - Support Corruption

Supportcorruption.com went live yesterday as a redirect to our new national activism social network.

We advise groups in every major area to sign up to spread photos and videos of their actions and post upcoming actions.

The point of this social network is a flier downloads section where you can get the image of the "support corruption" flier along with other fliers being submitted for national street teams' viral distribution.

This is so any spreading one group does of the "supportcorruption.com" link leads people to groups in their area who are fighting the same fight nationwide.

To submit your flier for review, please send it to kevin@libertyrestorationproject.org Our only request is that you don't mind fliers being altered slightly to fit member groups' activities (website urls, for example) and that if you use this service, we ask that you find a way include the supportcorruption.com url on some of your distributions (especially fliers downloaded from there) as to keep people finding all of our actions on it.

We want to provide a service where we all can promote each other in an easy way, that could potentially go viral. The long term goal of this website is to eventually have the home page allow people to click whether or not they would like to support corruption, and when they click that they don't it will lead them to the social network, which will direct them to view their locality.

(just letting you all in on the vision of this, so that you understand the point of us using the reverse psychology method of sending people to a website that sounds like the opposite of what we're fighting for)

Support Corruption.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The LRP KC Street Team is returning. Get involved.

With such a dramatic summer, we’ve experienced a lot of events in the area. We’re going to be sending off the last few months of 2009 the way we kicked 2009 off, by being vigilant in the visibility of our cause.

Within the next week we’re going to start doing weekly flier drops, dvd drives, constitution bombs, and poster postings all around the area.

You may have seen our “Support Corruption” flier that has now went viral and is being used by other groups around the country, well we’re slapping all kinds of info on the reverse side of it and telling people about all of the creative ways that we do and they can fight corruption. Soon we’re going to have a website dedicated to the “Support Corruption” movement where anyone in the nation can utilize the flier to mobilize their community to learn more about the various organizations around the country dedicated to the cause.

If you know a place in the KC area with heavy foot traffic on a public sidewalk that you think should be considered for an infobombing, or for more information, feel free to email kevin@libertyrestorationproject.org

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to prevent Terrorism and Extremism - My testimony to the Missouri House Interim Comittee on State Intelligence Oversight

Revolution. How one defines the term may differ greatly depending on their beliefs on the role of Government. One common thread in this century, is that the term is commonly used to invoke feelings of the Revolutionary war.

One reason I found the practices of the Missouri Information Analysis Center so appalling is that it is only one of many sources attempting to link patriotic dissent to violence.

I urge you to take a look at "Republic" magazine #15. It details greatly the government and media instances comparing constitutionalists and the Founding Fathers to rebellious violent extremists.

Is this just another case of one man's perceived terrorist being another's perceived freedom fighter? Or perhaps there are other factors to determine when rebellion is righteous?

It's a pretty common belief that the Second Amendment is not merely for hunting or defending ones self from street hoodlums, but for communities to have the capability to respond in cases of emergency or invasion by forces foreign to our laws.

However, guns are not the only solution, nor was it the solution in the 1770's. It became the final option when all other routes were exhausted. The Declaration of Independence states "Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury."

I believe the First Amendment is our channel to allow our grievances to be addressed. If a government truly operates under the consent of the governed, then amendment one would be sufficient and the threat of violent rebellion would never exist.

Martin Luther King Jr. and later John F. Kennedy both uttered a quote that describes this fact boldly.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

One common belief among the demographics profiled in the MIAC reports is the belief that government has been actively and physically resisting needed revolutionary type changes and a restoration of the god-given liberties ensured by the blood of our original patriots.

When these demographics turn extreme or violent should we not examine motive? Surely not all cases are driven by an active tyranny, but what of passive tyranny?

In my short two years of activism, I find one common response. Apathy. Whether it is your average person who buys into the belief that corruption is rampant and that the only change is a slow one moved along by support of the lesser of evils, or it is the most radical extremist who believes that change must come at all cost and that all safe, legal channels have been monopolized by corrupt bureaucracies and political advantage, so they feel that the violence option remains our last hope for preserving any resemblance of freedom.

I argue that an overwhelming majority of the people have lost all hope that government could again be an institution of the people.

It is also my belief that those who do protest and testify are the ones who still have faith that when reminded of duty, checks and balances, rule of law, and that the people formed the states and the states formed the small federal union; Government, The Constitution, and the common belief that the First Amendment precedes the Second Amendment when dealing with perceived treason; can all be restored to their proper function in our society.

My argument is that adult free-thinking peoples being watched by adult peoples following orders is not a way to prevent crime nor extremism, Instead it is an escalation of the idea that government can operate outside boundaries if the cause is just while the people must be presumed potentially guilty unless proven innocent.

At every rights violation, we're told that if there is nothing to hide there is nothing to fear, and in the next breath told that some policies of the government must remain a secret due to national SECURITY.

When did the 4th amendment right to SECURITY from warrant-less nosing in your affairs begin to only apply to the government?

Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear. Meanwhile, ignorance of the law is no excuse. So while thousands of pages of new laws, rules, regulations, statutes, procedures, resolutions, executive orders, signing statements, court precedent, and court orders are made every day in this nation, how is one ever to know that by simply performing the innocent tasks of a daily life he is not incriminating himself?

My digression brings me to my final point. The source documentation of these government reports being private institutions with their own freedoms to utilize their first amendment, to target people are groups with the labels "Hate Group" or "Hate Speech." Hate speech is still protected by the Constitution also, and it is not proper for government to make such judgement except in extreme cases of violence and crime, not mere perceived potential thereof, based on perfectly legal behaviors.

To believe that we could ever end rebellious violence with authoritarianism or end hate speech with hateful reaction is almost as absurd as bombing for peace.

I ask those in government to consider their role in a free society and their ability to cure the apathetic. Stop the extremism before it starts, by refusing to do anything that would violate your oaths to the State and Unites States Constitutions.

And close any governmental institution that refuses to do the same.